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Your Chiropractic Continuing Ed Search Engine

CE Cruncher was created when a frustrated Chiropractor, Amy Tirpak, DC, couldn’t find a definitive online resource for choosing Continuing Education opportunities. Sure, you could find some on one site, others on another website, but there was no simple-to-use comprehensive listing of all available Continuing Ed classes on one single website.

Finding appropriate CE units should have taken 20 minutes. Instead it turned into hours of searching to compare what classes were available at what location and relevant to what CE’s were required.

To make matters worse, once the Chiropractor found the appropriate course, the CE Provider had no way for the DC to sign up and pay online. In some cases, the CE Provider dictated that you had to download a PDF, fill out the form, mail a check and hope for the best. The frustrated Chiropractor chose NOT to attend classes that couldn’t be booked conveniently and quickly online.

A lot of the CE Provider websites were antiquated, inefficient, and far from error-proof.

Today’s Chiropractors want to find the CE Course of their choice, sign up online, pay online, get their confirmations online and book their hotels online. And they want to do it fast. They want their confirmation in hand immediately and they want their hotel ready for them when they get there.

Driven by today’s Chiropractors’ expectations, our frustrated doctor and a good web development crew teamed up to create CE Cruncher for Chiropractors.

Search CE Cruncher and you’ll find all the information you need to get the exact CE's you need. Book your hotel room at the conference hotel and pay for it all online. No more printouts, no more writing checks . . . no more snail mail.

Welcome to the future of Chiropractic Continuing Education, CE Providers!

Recipe for CE Cruncher


 1 Doctorate in Chiropractic
 1 Branding Agency / Web Development firm (Include brilliant programmers)
 A few pieces of the backbone of the internet (kittens pictures and news)
 Hundreds of Hours of Development
 A dash of Creativity


Add the ingredients together. Mix in the frustration of searching for Chiropractic Continuing Education & Seminars.

Let stew for 18 months and now you have

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