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Humor > Animal Chiropractor

Animal Chiropractors

Animal Chiropractor is a whimsical take on animals that resemble chiropractors. This is intended for entertainment only. CE Cruncher does not advocate getting adjusted by animals. We do advocate Veterinary Chiropractors and human Chiropractors.



Chiropractic Continuing Education Humor

The cutest Chiropractic adjustment ever, by a puppy.


Cat Chiropractor


Happy World Cat Day to all of the Kitty Chiropractors.



Horse Chiropractic Model 

Horse Chiropractic Model


Anterior Rib Chiropractic Adjustment


Funny Chiropractor Picture


Funny Animal Chiropractic Continuing Education


Dr. Dawg Chiropractor

Dr. Dawg Chiropractor


Chiropractic Animals

Hope it is a declawed cervical adjustment..


 Kitten Chiropractic Seminar



Dog Chiropractic Spine

Chiropractor Dog wants to discuss your spine


Chiropractic TShirt Dog

Dogs need Funny Chiropractic T-Shirts too.   


Kitten Chiropractic Continuing Education


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