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Brain Brilliance

Brain Brilliance - Nutritional Support for the Brain

Brain Brilliance

Everyone knows about leaky gut.

Food additives, diet, stress, infections, environmental toxin exposures and trauma take a toll on the blood brain barrier allowing increased permeability (Leaky Brain). This permeability can cause inflammation in the brain resulting in various Disconnect Disorders of the central and peripheral nervous system disorders.

Disconnect Disorders:
• Chronic Pain
• Alzheimer
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Memory & Concentration Problems
• Insomnia
• Concussions

Brain Billiance Nutritional Support for the Brain

Brain Brilliance is here to HELP
Brian Brilliance is a revolutionary group of advanced micro-synergistic nutraceutical products that provide nutritional support to Disconnect Disorders. These products were developed by a team of experienced Chiropractors to fill gaps that other regimens overlook by supplying essential elements for maintaining cellular health, reducing inflammation & permeability and promote healing.

Brain Brilliance works in concert with your current Chiropractic practice to expand your reach to a growing population of patients in need.

Brain Brilliance offers a free Physician Development Program that includes:
• Intake and exam forms
• Diet and Adjusting Protocols
• Exclusive Products
• Educational Materials and Videos

Join Now or call 828-516-1555 for more information

Stop by our booth and mention this ad at Texas Chiropractic College's Homecoming July 13-15, 2017 for an Exclusive Offer.

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