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  • CE Cruncher Offers Online Registration

CE Cruncher Offers Online Registration

Fill More Seats in Your Chiropractic Seminar

With CE Cruncher's Online Registration and Payment Solution

If your website doesn't have online registration, we have the solution. Use CE Cruncher to accept online registrations and payments for your Chiropractic Seminar or Convention.

CE Cruncher will:

•  List your seminar
•  Create an online registration form
•  Automatically forward each registration form to you instantly
•  Accept payment for the course by credit card
•  Send you & the Chiropractor an instant confirmation
•  Forward the payment directly to you
•  Spread sheet of all registrants information provide before the Seminar

No more phone calls, faxes to sort, check to run to the bank, missing registration information, deciphering Chiropractors’ hand-writings, or piles of paperwork to sort.

This way, you're filling more seats in your seminars, in less time, without any out-of-pocket costs or a need for your own online e-commerce solution.

Sign up now for the introductory cost of 7% of the seminar registration fee.

We only charge when a Chiropractor registers for your seminar on CE Cruncher.

Example: Seminar fee $250, we send you $242.50 ($250 - 7%)

Winter Special: Sign up for Online Registration with CE Cruncher and receive one free inclusion in our email blast to over 28,000 Chiropractors.

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  • Fast, Efficient Way for Participants to Sign Up Instantly for the Course They Want.
  • Instant Registration Confirmation / Receipt to both Participant and Provider.
  • Your Course will be Featured in one of our Monthly Emails to Thousands of DCs.
  • No out-of-pocket costs to you as the Course Provider.
  • Introductory Fee of Only 7% of the Course Registration Fee.
  • Funds for Every Registrant Sent To You Weekly.
  • Please note: Refunds and Cancellations are Your Responsibility.
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