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Chiropractic Holiday Humor

Chiropractor Continuing Education Humor

Winter Chiropractic Humor


Send CE Cruncher pictures of your Chiropractic Christmas Tree, Hahanukkah Menorah, Festivus Display or Chiropractic Themed Holiday Display for a little internet fame.

Elf on a shelf Chirorpactor

Dr. Mike Harbo treating the Elf on the Shelf at his Chiropractic practice, the ICAN Clinic

Spine Ornament Chiropractor Canada

What do you do with a broken spine model?
Dr. Joelle Johnson of Family First Chiropractic and Wellness  used a little spray paint and imagination to turn it into an ornament. 

Santa Chiropractic Adjustment Dr. Megan GossSanta Chiropractic Adjustment

Santa travels all over the world, so he needs many Chiropractors. Dr. Megan Goss in Union Missouri (L) and many more

Santa Chiropractic Adjustment


Santa Chiropractor Holidays Santa Lumbar Adjustment


Santa Needs Chiropractic Continuing EducationSanta Chiropractic CallGinger Bread Chiropractic Adjustment

Elf Chiropractic AdjustmentDad ChiropractorChiropractor Ski


Spine Holiday Chiropractic Lights

Santa Hat Chiropractic Adjustment

Dr. Lisa Erikson of LifeSport - Chiropractic for Hyper Athletes


Chiropractic Hanukka Sticker


From Koren Publications

Thanksgiving Chiropractor

Nothing says fall like a spine tree

Thanksgiving Chiropractic Style 

Turkey Day with the Chiropractor


Chiropractic Thanksgiving


Happy Halloween for the Chiropractor

 Chiropractic Pumpkin

Pumpkin Carving by Active Care Chiropractic


Halloween Chiropractic Zombie

From the Chiropractic Blog of Dr. J J Gregor


Skeleton Chiropractic Continuing Education



Ima Bonecracker Chiropracor


Chiropractic Pumpkin


How do you Adjust a Pumpkin?


Chiropractor Halloween


Old Time Chiropractor Adjusting in the Afterlife





 Chiropractic Halloween


Dr. Pumpkin adjust gourds of patients


Dr. Pumpkin adjust gourds of patients - Burt Chiropractic Clinic 


Halloween Chiropractic Spine


Q: How does a Chiropractor decorate their 20 ft fiberglass spine for Halloween? 

A: With black widow spiders of course


4th of July Chiropractic Fun


Chiropractic Special 4th of July

Chiropractic Office event Hosted by New Directions Chiropractic in Allen Texas

Spring Chiropractic Humor


Eggs Cracked Chiropractor Adjust

A little Chiropractic Humor from the Art / Marketing Department at CE Cruncher.


Dr Lowe Essential Care Chiropractic Blog

Dr Lowe of Essential Care Chiropractic










Valentines's Day witha Chiropractic Flare

Chiropractic Valentine

An ad last year from Health for Life Spine and Disc Center in Odgen UT


Chiropractic Heart T-shirt



Chiropractic Continuing Education for Santa
Chiropractic Continuing Education for Xmas CE
Holiday Chiropractic Continuing Education CE
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