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Florida Allows Online CEs for Chiropractors

Where are the Classes?

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by: DrTirpak posted: July 24, 2017

Florida Chiropractic Online Continuing Education Search

As of May 31, 2017 The Florida Board of Chiropractic Medicine approved a change to the statute 64B2-13.004 Continuing Education. The new statute allows for 10 hours on online Chiropractic continuing education. Unfortunately no Chiropractic continuing education provider, that we know of, can meet their new criteria. CE Cruncher recently created an online platform for Chiropractic continuing ed and was excited at the opportunity for Florida DCs. Our CE website does not meet the criteria, but have asked the state along with other companies for a variance to the the rules. We will continue to keep the public aware of the situation and report any progress. 

64B2-13.004 (3) Each licensee may elect to obtain no more than ten (10) general hours each biennium of online continuing education. The online courses shall be competence based learning. Online continuing education providers shall comply with the approval process outlined in subsection (5), of this rule.

If you check the State's website for approved Chiropractic continuing education courses online you will find nothing. The new statute also contains the following regulations that pertain to Chiropractic continuing education providers: competency based learning, use the Sharable Content Objective Reference Model (SCORM) for security purposes, include that only the attendee’s registered computer is used for the course, technical assistance available as appropriate to the course format, allow access to the online program to the Board member who is reviewing the course for approval and view other criteria. 


More details will be coming soon.


Please make the online reasonable to access. No point of having on line classes, if no provider can meet an unobtainable goal, to do so.
by: Jeff Beytin,D.C.

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