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Oklahoma Chiropractor Rescues Woman and Child

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by: DrTirpak posted: May 16, 2017

Jeremiah Chai, DC Sapulpa Chiropractor

Dr. Jeremiah Chai, a Chiropractor and good samaritan, rescued a woman and her child after their vehicle ended up in a lake. On his way home after dropping his daughter off at school Dr. Chai viewed a SUV almost 35 feet from the shore of Sahoma Lake. Relying on his rescue training as a life guard, he retrieved the family and brought them safely to shore. The mother swerved to avoid an accident and ended up in the lake and both are doing fine since the accident.

A 2014 graduate of Parker University, Dr.Jeremiah Chai is a second generation chiropractor practicing with his father Dr. Kim Chai at the Back and Neck Clinic of Sapulpa. Sapulpa is a small suburb southwest of Tulsa Oklahoma.

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