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Parker University

To be a successful doctor, you need more than just a degree. You need an education that challenges you both inside and outside the classroom, providing experiences and opportunities that allow you to maximize your potential. Parker University College of Chiropractic prepares you to be a leading primary care physician and gatekeeper to the health care system because it sets the highest standards for chiropractic wellness, education, and service.

You have the opportunity to learn from world-renown scientists and practitioners in both classroom and clinic settings. Parker's facilities empower you to stay ahead of the curve and receive the best quality education available. Most importantly, the Parker campus atmosphere provides a positive learning environment that encourages you to accomplish your goals and become the most successful student and future doctor you can be.

To find out more, go to the website: or call (800) 438-6932.

2500 Walnut Hill Ln Suite 100E
Dallas, TX, 75229-5668

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