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I am so glad I found CE Cruncher. Now I no longer have to spend a ton of time finding the credits I need each year to keep my licensure happy. One fast search and I can attend a seminar wherever I want and get exactly the right CEs.

Thanks, CE Cruncher.

PS: Love the Win/Fail! I come back to the site once a week just to see the new jokes!"

Dr. D


When I need to find Chiropractic Continuing Educaiton Seminars in Florida I use CE Cruncher. Why waste time searching through mail and the internet when you can find it all in one spot.

Dr. Scott Barry - Bay City Chiropractic Tampa FL

Pure Genius!

Pure genius! I've been waiting for a website like this since I graduated from Parker. It saves me from spending hours on researching all over the web and calling different schools to find the right seminars. Those hours I put to better use. This is your one stop shop for CE's. Thank you CE Cruncher!

Dr. H

Finding Chiropractic Continuing Ed Just Got Easier

Finally, a way to track down courses online. CE Cruncher makes the search so easy. What a great resource to have!

Dr. Dave Lakewood Chiropractic

Fast Efficient Way to Find a Chiropractic Seminar

It used to be such a huge job to figure out what chiropractic continuing ed I needed, where to find them, who the provider was, where they were accredited, how much they cost, and where they were located. Jumping from provider website to provider website, I would actually have to create an Excel spreadsheet until I figured it all out. Then, when I went to finally make the decision, I’d get to the site and try to pay online. Well, it wasn’t that easy. Some of the Providers expected me to print a form and mail in a check.

Are you kidding? Providers: it’s all about the web. Don’t make me work harder than I already have!

OK, so fast-forward to CECruncher's search. In 10 minutes I had selected my course, paid for it online and made my hotel reservations!

Dr. Whitney V

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