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Every Chiropractor Deserves a Laugh

Chiropractic Humor

Every Chiropractor needs a laugh. Enjoy our odd assortment of pictures, products, videos and oddities that only a Chiropractor would understand.

Chiropractor at Disney

Essentials for a Theme Park, according to a D.C.

Funny Upper Cervical Chiropractic Joke

What Upper Cervical Chiropractors say after a long vacation. 

British Chiropractic Humor, watch at your own risk.

Chiropractic Adjestment

Bored Chiropractor X-ray

Results of a bored Chiropractor. X-ray credit to a Logan classmate Dr. Luke Mayes

Chiropractic Computer Keyboard

Gonstead Repurposed Silly Chiropractor

Dr. Amy Tirpak re-purposed a Gonstead Knee Chest bench

Funny Chiropractic T-Shirts

More Amusing and Funny Chiropractic T-Shirts

Chiropractic Neck Crack Mug

Chirorpactic Funny


Does anyone know which Chiropractic College Santa graduated from?

Thanks to the Chiropractors at Better Health Chiropractic for this great picture.

Chiropractic Continuing Education

Chiropractic Coffee Mug

I'll drink to that.

World Spine Day

Chiropractic Sign

Not sure if this is funny?

Chiropractic Jewelry

Found on etsy

Humor for Chiropractors

After many years of practice

After many years of practice

Chiropractic Humor License Plate

Spotted at a Chiropractic Convention in Florida. Go Gators!

Funny Chiropractic T-Shirt

Chiropractic Chair

Looking for a new chair for your Chiropractic practice?

Chiropractic Sign

 Star Trek Chiropractic Humor


Funny Chiropractic Practice Names

The Lumbar Yard Chiropractic

Dr. Sharon Bruce's office The Lumbar Yard is located in Long Beach, CA


Thorassic Park Chiropractic

 You can find Park Ranger/Chiropractor Lee Rangel, DC at  Thorassic Park in West Bradenton, Florida


Funny Chiropractor Dr Will Tickel

but will I laugh



Neck Pain Chiropractic Sparticus


Wonka Chiropractic Adjustment Humor



Adjustable Seating

Spine Chair Chiropractor 








Texted at a Chiropractor's Office

Funny Chiropractic Text


A chiropractor’s wife tells him she loves him. He tells her he loves her back.





Ryan Gossling Hey Girl Chiropractic




SPine Book Shelf

Spine Shelf anyone?


Spinal Column Tank Top

I hope her back matches her Spine T-shirt

Spine Vodka for Chiropractors

Too bad this was just a design idea, not an actual product.


 Chiropractic Humor


Healthy Chiropractic Continuing Education






Dr. Kelly Golob's Spoof of "Like a Good Neighbor"


"We Saw you Slouch" a parody of "We Saw Your Boobs" by Dr. Guy Bahar of The Posture Clinic


Chiropractor Fart

Thanks to my Chiro friends on Facebook for this one, we have all been there.


Chiropractor well Adjusted


Chiropractic Motorcycle

Made for a Chiropractor or in need of a Chiropractor?



Pooh Chiropractic  Rib Adjustment

Pooh getting a rib adjustment for the sneezles from Dr. Barrie Lewis


Chiropractor Parking

Chiropractic Adjustment Somee Cards



Chiropractic Necklace

An Alien Vertebrae Necklace


Chiropractic Graffiti

Even Gang Member and Street Artists need Chiropractic






Ronald McD gets Adjusted

Ronald McDonald gets Adjusted, now if we could only talk him into better nutrition.


Conjoined Chiropractor

Chiropractor for the conjoined


Baby at the Chiropractor


Ancient Chiropractic


Neurocalometer Chiropractic

Old ChiropracTORs never die they just lose their neuro impulses. - posted by Dr. J Alan Lovejoy on Facebook

Chiropractic Plate Cover

British Chiropractic Humor

British Chiropractic Humor

Click on the image for an explanation

Chiropractic Phone Case

Spine Phone Case


Imaging Humor


Panda Axial CT


High Heel X-Ray


Xray Chiropractic Photo Bomb

X-ray Photobomb



Old Chiropractic Advertisement

Chiropractor Beauty Contest

Chiropractor Beauty Contest, Wallace Kirkland, 1956.
Winning models Marianne Baba (L), Lois Conway (C) and Ruth Swensen standing next to plates of their x-ray during a Chiropractor Beauty contest.




Funny Chiropractic tshirt


My Little Pony Chiropractic Adjustent


Zombie need adjustments too




Where Upper Cervical Chiropractors Bank


Funny Google Ad




Another Animal Chiropractor

Corgi Chiropractic Adjustment



For the Chiropractor that has Everthing: a DC Wine Holder

DC Wine Holder


Spinal Tape, not to be confused with Kinesio Tape



Another Chiropractor Kitteh



New Definition of Veterinary Chiropractor

Chiropractic Spinal Column Candle




Chiropractic health bumper sticker





 Stooges Chiropractic





Chiropractic Continuing Education, Chiropractic CE, Chiropractic CEU
Chiropractic Continuing Education, Chiropractic CE, Chiropractic CEU
Chiropractic Continuing Education, Chiropractic CE
Chiropractic Continuing Education chiropractic ce


For every chiropractor, there is an equal and opposite chiropractor.—Author unknown

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