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Dr. Carrick on ABC's Nightline

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by: DrTirpak posted: August 18, 2012

Dr. Ted Carrick Chiropractic Neurologist

Last night Nightline on ABC News aired a story about Chiropractic Neurologist Dr. Ted Carrick and his work. The news program followed two of his patients, William Arlen and Stacey Hubbard, at the Life Functional Neurology Center at Life University along with a interview by Juju cChang.

Will Arlen is a 17-year-old that suffered a severe concussion during a lacrosse game that resulted in migraines, light sensitivity and an inability to use his left arm. Viewers can watch as Dr. Carrick and his staff use mirror visual feedback, a gryostim and other techniques to treat Will. At the end of the week Will takes off this sunglasses and is playing hockey again. Stacy Hubbard, the other patient followed demonstrates her difficulties with balance and walking, ending with a scene of her children’s’ vigorous embrace. An activity that previously would have knocked her off her feet.

When questioned about his techniques and claims that is just a placebo Dr. Carrick responded “We don’t do anything that is original in our work. We just combine things that other people have done in a different fashion.”

The the Life Functional Neurology Center at Life University in Marietta Georgia according to Dr. Carrick has a one month waiting list. Treatment does not come cheap an initial patient examination, assessment, review of records and consultation is priced at $1,000. Subsequent treatment for the initial phase of intensive care cost $1,000 a day, and according to their website it is not uncommon that this phase of care requires five consecutive days.

Dr. Ted Carrick first received media attention last year with his treatment of NHL star Sidney Crosby following 2 concussion that sidelined him for 10 months. When asked about his treatment at a press conference for his professional return he Sidney Crosby “ Its much better, I feel a lot better.”

Dr. Carrick DC PhD is the founder of the Carrick Institute for Graduate Studies that offers a diplomate in Chiropractic Clinical Neurology. The curriculum is accredited by the American Chiropractic Neurology Board. The Carrick Institutes' Chiropractic Continuing Education courses are offered in over 10 states, Britain, Japan, Australia, South Korea, Canada and other international locations.

Watch the coverage of Dr. Carrick on ABC' Nightline

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